Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey – Latest Prices and Buying Guide

About Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

The backbone of whiskey is storytelling. Whether it’s Scotch whiskey, Bourbon whiskey, Tennessee whiskey, or any other style, the drink is centered on telling a story from the story of the whiskey itself all the way through the stories told while socially sipping a whiskey beverage. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is no different, and it has a rich history to tell.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey has secured its place on the world liquor state, a symbol to the world of American rock and roll, and they celebrated their 150th anniversary in 2016 as the nation’s oldest surviving distillery.

Making Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey is the original recipe, and it has survived over 150 years. The whiskey utilizes the classic Tennessee grain mash, composed of 80% corn, 12% barley, and 8% rye, with limestone spring water from a cave on the original Jack Daniel’s property to create the iconic flavor profile.

After fermenting the grain mash and distilling the liquor, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskeys are mellowed drop by drop through a hand-produced sugar maple charcoal for a signature mellow flavor. Jack Daniel’s Whiskey is then aged in handmade American white oak barrels, made by Jack Daniel’s themselves, before being bottled and sent around the world for distribution.

Where to Buy Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s is one of the biggest whiskey brands in the world, available everywhere liquor is sold. It can be found in markets like Walmart, Kroger, and Costco, as well as just about every corner liquor store in the world. To order Jack Daniel’s online, visit sites like CaskCartel.com or Drizly.com for same-day delivery from a local liquor store.

Item Alcohol (ABV) Size Price
Tennessee Whiskey
Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 40% (80 proof) 50ml $2.80
375 ml $11.00
750ml $25.00
1L $33.00
1.75L $44.00
Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack 40% (80 proof) 375 ml $17.00
750ml $29.00
1L $37.00
1.75L $52.00
Rye Whiskey
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey 45% (90 proof) 375 ml $17.00
750ml $29.00
1L $37.00
1.75L $52.00
Flavored Whiskey
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey 35% (70 proof) 375 ml $11.00
750ml $25.00
1L $33.00
1.75L $44.00
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple 35% (70 proof) 375 ml $11.00
750ml $25.00
1L $33.00
1.75L $44.00
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire 35% (70 proof) 375 ml $11.00
750ml $25.00
1L $33.00
1.75L $44.00
Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack Tennessee Cider 15% (30 proof) 750ml $15.00
Special Releases
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel 100 Proof 50% (100 proof) 750ml $54.00
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select 47% (94 proof) 750ml $59.00
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof 66.3% (132.6 proof) 750ml $65.00
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye 47% (94 proof) 750ml $49.00
Jack Daniel’s 10 Year Tennessee Whiskey 48.5% (97 proof) 750ml $560.00
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Special Release 74.15% (148.3 proof) 750ml $889.00
Jack Daniel’s 150th Anniversary Tennessee Whiskey 50% (100 proof) 750ml $458.00
Jack Daniel’s Eric Church Single Barrel Select 47% (94 proof) 750ml $399.00
Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Double Barrel Tennessee Whiskey 40% (80 proof) 750ml $170.00
Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Series No. 2 43% (86 proof) 750ml $400.00
Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select 45% (90 proof) 750ml $399.00
Premixed Cocktails
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Lemonade 7% 12 oz 4-pk $15.00
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Cola 7% 12 oz 4-pk $15.00
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple Fizz 7% 12 oz 4-pk $15.00
Jack Daniel’s Downhome Punch 5.6% 12 oz 4-pk $15.00
Jack Daniel’s Southern Citrus 5.6% 12 oz 4-pk $15.00
Jack Daniel’s Watermelon Punch 5.6% 12 oz 4-pk $15.00
Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg Lemonade 5.6% 12 oz 4-pk $15.00
Jack Daniel’s Southern Peach 5.6% 12 oz 4-pk $15.00
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Quality Whiskey and Seltzer 5.6% 12 oz 4-pk $15.00
Jack Daniel’s Non-Alcoholic Selection
Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Sour Mix 0% 2 oz $8.00
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Bitters 0% 3 oz $12.00
Jack Daniel’s Whiskey 0% 10 oz $12.00
Jack Daniel’s Original BBQ Sauce 0% 19.5 oz $19.00
Jack Daniel’s Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce 0% 19.5 oz $19.00
Jack Daniel’s Honey BBQ Sauce 0% 19.5 oz $19.00
Jack Daniel’s 3-pack Variety BBQ Sauce 0% 19.5 oz $19.00

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Buying Guide

There are several styles available from Jack Daniel’s, some of which are staples in the lineup while others are seasonal or limited edition. Here is a summary of currently available products to inform your purchasing decision.

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey

This recipe harkens back to the original recipe made by Jasper Daniel’s in the mid 1800’s when he first became acquainted with distilling whiskey. This style is emblematic of Tennessee style whiskey and has flavors of oak and maple with a smooth, lasting finish.

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack

This double mellowed whiskey is smooth as molasses. Using a similar grain mash to that of No. 7, Gentleman Jack undergoes a second charcoal mellowing for an extra smooth flavor.

Jack Daniel’s Rye Whiskey

Rye is up and coming, threatening to replace Bourbon whiskey as the most popular American whiskey variety. Jack Daniel’s rye uses 70% rye in their grain mash, the liquor mixes a well-known rye whiskey flavor with their signature charcoal mellowing process to produce a smooth, spicy whiskey.

Flavored Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniels has a range of flavored whiskeys with a lower alcohol content than their other whiskeys, but imbued with pure flavors and an extra smooth finish. They’re perfect for flavored cocktails and chilled shots.

Special Releases

Each year, Jack Daniel’s puts out a different range of special releases. These are truly top shelf, taken care by the Master Distiller to be unique and truly special. Some are traditional Tennessee whiskeys, some are extra strength, and still others are produced with special mashes or distilling processes. The special releases are for a special occasion and a true connoisseur to appreciate the intricacies in the flavor.

Pre-mixed Cocktails

Jack Daniel’s also produces pre-mixed bottle and canned cocktails, available in 4-packs of each flavor or 4-pack variety packs. These are traditional whiskey cocktails using Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, as well as some special limited edition releases imagined by Jack Daniel’s.

Non-Alcoholic Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s produces a range of non-alcoholic products like pecans, BBQ sauces, and cocktail mixers. These aren’t beverages, but rather additional product selections for fans of Jack Daniel’s.

The Best Way(s) to Drink Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Cocktails

1) Jack Apple Fizz

Pour ingredients over ice and top with soda water. Stir thoroughly with a bar spoon and garnish with a lemon wheel.

2) Winter Jack Mimosa

Pour chilled ingredients into a champagne glass and serve cold.

3) Tennessee Toddy

Pour all ingredients, except hot water, into a mug. Stir thoroughly, then top with hot water. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and serve warm.

4) Jack Sour

Shake all ingredients hard on ice and pour into a rocks glass over ice until the egg has frothed. Top with a maraschino cherry as a garnish and serve.

5 Best Things to Mix with Jack Daniel’s

  • Jack and Coke: Jack Daniel’s is most popularly paired with cola of some kind. Jack and Coke is an easy order in a bar or restaurant, and it’s even easier to whip up at home.
  • Jack and Ginger: Ginger ale is another classic, and it rolls off the tongue in an order as well as Jack and Coke. Every restaurant and bar offers ginger ale, so you won’t run into trouble ordering. And the ginger in the drink settles any queasies from the liquor.
  • Soda water: This is such a good combo that Jack Daniel’s even offers it pre-mixed in a can in one of their pre-mixed cocktails. Add some soda water for a cocktail that highlights, not diminishes, the iconic flavor of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.
  • Lemonade: Nothing mixes better than whiskey and lemonade. The strong, smooth flavor of the whiskey compliments the sour mixer perfectly.
  • Sour: For something less diluted but as equally well-paired as lemonade, add a simple splash of sour to your Jack Daniel’s.


Is Jack Daniels a bourbon whiskey?

Bourbon is a style of whiskey that originates in Kentucky and uses a specific ratio of certain grains in the mash along with a specific style of oak barrels for aging. Jack Daniel’s, on the other hand, is made in a purely Tennessee style.

Can you visit Jack Daniels distillery?

The Jack Daniel’s distillery is open for tours and tastings. Visit this link for more information on the different tours available.

Where can you buy the Jack Daniels BBQ sauce?

Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce is available for purchase at partnered boutiques and the Jack Daniel’s distillery.

Which Jack Daniels is the strongest?

Jack Daniel’s strongest proof whiskey is currently the Single Barrel Barrel Proof.

What size bottles are Jack Daniels whiskeys available in?

Jack Daniel’s most popular whiskeys are available in every size from single shot through 1.75 liters. The small batch liquors are available in 750 ml.

Alternatives to Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

  • Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey: $19- For a Kentucky style alternative, try Jim Beam’s bourbon whiskey. It’s produced using a different mash blend and different distilling and aging standards, but it’s interesting to taste the difference between these two iconic geographical emblems.
  • Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey: $30- Whiskey is everywhere that’s been Westernized, even Canada. For something a bit different to the traditional American whiskey flavors, try Crown Royal.
  • George Dickel Sour Mash Tennessee Whiskey: $33- For something a bit brighter and more sour in flavor, a little less smooth with a little more burn, try this Tennessee sour whiskey.
  • Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey: $40- Jameson’s Black Barrel is produced with a stout, smooth profile to Jack Daniel’s, but with a traditional Irish mash. The similarities and differences between the two styles are no less than intriguing.
  • Jesse James Tennessee Whiskey: $49- This whiskey is also a traditional Tennessee style whiskey. It’s a bit more niche and has a different method of distilling than Jack Daniel’s so it’s a great next step if you enjoy Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7.

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