We are broken heartened to have to announce that we have come to the thoughtful and beyond difficult decision to permanently close The Swiss Restaurant and Pub.  There are several factors that have brought us to this decision and it has come with many, many sleepless nights but we know that this is the right decision given the current and unforeseeable future of our industry.  The love and support that we have had from the community throughout the years is unsurpassed and without question singularly exceptional.  We started from nothing, three people who loved this town and this business. The partnership changed over the years but the commitment and love stayed the same and I am proud to be the last original owner of The Swiss.  I had staff that stayed by my side for 20+ years. I am thankful for them and for the rest of my Swiss Family.  You came, you shared your joys and tears with us, we are forever grateful.  The Swiss is more than just four rooms, it is a living, breathing entity that has touched and been touched by so many people.   People found their true loves here, lifelong friends, celebrated holidays, birthdays, babies, marriages, retirements, art, food, and music, everything that makes life worth living.  You have all given us a beautiful, unforgettable life and we are forever grateful.  We wish peace, happiness, health and love to each and every one of you.  Thank you for an amazing 27 years.


Jack & Carole Ann

“You’re a stranger here but once”

253-572-2821 | 1904 South Jefferson | Tacoma, WA

The Swiss Restaurant & Pub is housed in an historic 1913 building in the midst of downtown museums, retail shops and the University of Washington, Tacoma.

We have something for everyone: kids menus, pool tables, games, live music, dancing and artwork from local artists