EVERSON PINES  is a Seattle based band founded by Trevor Lyon and Karl Benitez, two childhood friends who simply decided to start jamming one day. What started as fun aimless jam sessions, has grown into an obsession for classic rock riffs and pop melodies. With a double singer/songwriter contribution, every song has a unique flavor ranging from melodic and heartfelt to crunchy and hard-rocking. We harken back to the days when musicians plugged into their amps and let their axes do the talking. At an Everson Pines show, you’ll be sure to have a good time, while hearing a mix of familiar sounds from bands you probably love like we do: Drive-By Truckers, The Doors, and The Band.

THE HASSLERS have been called a lot of things. Genuine, hard-hitting MT folk-rock, erudite pool hall rock, folk-rockicana, and once even latin emo. What they really are is a bunch of kids from Montana with a knack for writing catchy tunes. Grab a cold one and listen close; these kids embody the kind of small town pride you can raise a glass to.

ALL THE REAL GIRLS Replete with the sort of Americana instrumentation the lyrics deserve, and the indie guitar work we crave – great stories; rock guitar shredding; pastoral twang; and top quality performances. This is the sort of album you discover and play obsessively.