BLACK PUSSY is a group of Rock n’ Roll pot-smoking fun-loving long hairs that are passionate about art, creativity and the dynamic human spirit which refuses to submit. We encourage everybody* to take the ride with us. 

*don’t be an asshole

For Dustin Hill, the creative mastermind and songwriter behind BLACK PUSSY, it sounded like a fantastic band name. It encapsulates exactly what the band is: a sex-charged, ’70s-influenced, hide-your-daughters-because-they’re-coming-to-town rock ‘n’ roll band that sounds like Tarantino directing a Thin Lizzy video in the low desert. Considering the name comes from a song that directly speaks out against racism, Hill isn’t willing to entertain the notion that the band intends to offend anyone.

For the past few years, the group has perpetually headed out on nationwide tours, including a full U.S. and Canada stint opening for ex-Kyuss legends Vista Chino in 2013, rightfully earning them the tagline, “ON TOUR FOREVER.” The group has also spent the last two years constantly working on heavy, psychedelic rock songs with not only Portland recording engineer Adam Pike (Red Fang, Norska, Black Elk, etc.) but also the legendary Kyuss founding drummer and multi-instrumentalist Brant Bjork.

Black Pussy’s heavy, bluesy sound and clear influences of Kyuss, Hendrix and The Who have found a niche in the ever-growing, global stoner-rock movement. The band exclusively uses vintage Sunn gear, pushing a massive 44 speakers when playing live and tends to land shows with the heaviest, sludgiest bands in the Portland, Oregon scene. However, their classic, upbeat, relentlessly hooky tracks have led to Hill coining the phrase “stoner pop,” like The Cars meets Black Sabbath. The band’s catchy music tends to seduce anyone, even those who walk in off the street after seeing the intriguing band name on the marquis of the venue.

“Throughout all of this our message has been pretty consistent; FUN. Have fun. Make love. Feel good about life. Fight things that take away your personal freedoms. Be positive. F– the people who try to put you down. We work our asses off year round to bring our music across North America and Europe and it is both a challenging and joyful experience. We accept all responsibility for the repercussions that our name brings. Ultimately, the music and message is what should be scrutinized rather than the clothes we wear or the name we chose.”