The Pearls are an Americana, Alt-Country, and Western Swing. Their influences include The Band, The Eagles, George Jones, The Grateful Dead and The Everly Brothers, in addition to old Dixieland jazz and classic country. The Pearls are a vocal-driven band with songs that blend the spirit of travel and adventure with Cajun, gypsy jazz, bluegrass and country influences.

Country music gets a bad rap, and it’s mostly the fault of goody two-shoes like Keith Urban and Garth Brooks. I mean, back in the day, country was full of bad boys (and if you’ve never read George Jones’s memoir, I Lived to Tell It All, you really should—that man was an animal!). Seattle’s Country Lips sound and play more like classic country’s raucous and rowdy boys—and their live shows are becoming legendarily wild. It’s hard to stand still when eight-plus members are bringin’ the foot-stompers. Country Lips are putting the party back in the original party music. Somebody had to do it. It’s not always about tears falling in your beer.

-The Strange


“Simply a group of guys who just want to play music”, is how front man Tony Verrecchia describes the group hailing from Destin, FL. It started from meager backyard gatherings with family and friends peppered with musical instruments and a few vocal melodies. Who could believe that a few house parties in the summer of 2007 would mark the beginning of something much, much larger? They decided to call the group Heritage and planted seeds of positivity & love in each song they wrote. By 2009 the group had enough original material to release their first full-length album, Natural High. With the nearly overnight success of Heritage’s debut album, it was clear that something undeniable was beginning to happen: the birth of a new sound which emphasized love and good vibrations.

HIGHWAY STAR (Deep Purple Tribute) w/ HALCION HALO @ 9PM

Highway Star: The ultimate classic rock experience is here! Finally hear the music of Deep Purple live the way it was meant to be. From the live jams, the screaming Hammond Organ, the shredding guitar work, the driving rhythm section or the high flying vocals… we promise to blow you away. Close your eyes and you will be transported back to the days when rock was King! Highway Star covers all eras of Deep Purple, from the Mark I to Mark IV…

Kicked between the venues, shuffled deep in the deck, Halcion Halo has been standing strong for a number of years in the Pac. Northwest of WA. The guys, the music continues to evolve while styles all around jump from one trend to another, Halcion Halo has been keeping the trio strong with heavy deep riffs, monstrous drums, slathering of bass and commanding vocals.


St. Cinder is comprised of six travelers. We were all individually moving along the line from town to town busking for our fare and seeing the sights and smelling the smells. Our lines crossed in southern Oregon and we hit the ground running.


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DOWN NORTH (Seattle) DBST (Oly) @9pm

Down North masterfully mixes underground rock and party-fueling soul,
regularly lifting up audiences that have been craving new soul sounds
from the city that gave the world Wheedle’s Groove and Jimi Hendrix.

“This is what dirty feels like, and it hurts so good!” –Seattle Night Outsoul


DBST is an impassioned and energetic neo-soul band formed in Olympia, Washington with wild electronic leanings- yet they maintain the full interplay and instrumentation of a traditional band. Centered around the fluid yet commanding vocals of song-writer and front-man Sam Pohl, the band works to construct an encapsulating and textured aura of sound; seeking to connect and resonate with every listener in the audience. The band formed loosely in 2011, cutting their teeth in small clubs in their home town and released their first full length album, Kamaliens, in 2014. After many forms and iterations, the band truly discovered their voice in 2016, when they decided to bring their act to larger venues and wider audiences. The members of DBST come from varied musical backgrounds and disciplines, lending to a unique and often category defying sound, but their common ground is what really shines through- they want to make music that MOVES people.