LOTUS LYNN is a Mandolin Chick named Elizabeth. Third Generation Musician sharing her love of music with anyone willing to listen.

THE WEIRD KIDS is a Rock n’ Roll group from Portland, Oregon. The band members come from eclectic musical backgrounds, which provides a rich sound encompassing many genres. A focus on clever, relatable lyrics continues to be a cornerstone in the writing process. Drummer Josh Chouinard and vocalist Nick Roberts founded the group in late 2016 – guitarist Adam Brooker and bassist Austin Whittle came on board in 2017, eager to bring their ideas to the table.

THE WEIRD KIDS can most frequently be classified as an alternative rock group, but influences from hard rock, reggae, jazz, and funk continue to shape a new subset within the genre.

Former members of The Hooky’s and The Approach were long time friends in the music scene prior to forming the group POWER LACES.
Interesting enough adding an electronic feel with synthesizers, talk box and heaps of delay embellishes this new refreshing sound. Combining deep bass tones and edgy drum fills leave the group limitless. Forming in beautiful Tacoma Washington the group pushes forward with past experience and new outlooks of the music scene. Influences of artists include A Tribe Called Quest, Jurassic 5, Lettuce, The Motet, Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad to name a few. Performing in such venues as The Nectar Lounge, White River Amphitheater, Temple Theatre, Cheney Stadium and much more POWER LACES strives to find diverse and dynamic atmospheres for their ever forward moving sound.


SOL SEED produces music created with the intention of spreading unconditional love, universal acceptance, and an urge to reach across social, spiritual, and cultural boundaries.

SOL SEED brings a distinct sound combining elements of Rock, Hip Hop, Soul, World Music and Psychedelic Jam with a Reggae foundation to form a positive musical fusion that is uniquely their own. With thought-provoking lyrics, infectious grooves and high-energy live performances, Sol Seed creates an unforgettable live-music experience for people of all ages to enjoy. Since transplanting to Eugene from Southern Oregon several years ago SOL SEED has rapidly gained momentum and created a diverse and loyal fan base in the North West and beyond.

PERFECT BY TOMORROW is a four piece reggae/rock band from Seattle. When they aren’t playing music, they like long boarding, Women and blowing stuff up! They promise they are cooler in person.

IAN AYERS is a mellow dude who also plays a lil reggae.

Come check out the vibe at this high vibration showcase! $8, 21+, 9pm.


KRYBOYS are the Seattle areas premier cover band offering the highest quality live misic
experience around. From the flash of the lights and lasers to the most energetic,
best sounding performance, a night out with KRYBOYS leaves you with the epic sensation
of a full on rock concert.


The Spazmatics: The Ultimate 80’s New Wave Show…bringing you all the awesome songs and geeky dance steps from the 80′s decade that you wished you’d forgotten. Complete with highwater pants, pocket-protectors and nerdy glasses, The Spazmatics recapture all the best of the worst. Outstanding musicianship- combined with creative flair and style- makes for an evening of pure energy and entertainment. So tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999, only . . . it’s not.