KRYBOYS are the Seattle areas premier cover band offering the highest quality live misic
experience around. From the flash of the lights and lasers to the most energetic,
best sounding performance, a night out with KRYBOYS leaves you with the epic sensation
of a full on rock concert.


Please join us in celebrating 20 years since CHINA DAVIS’ first music release!

CHINA DAVIS recorded their “Entrance” ep in August of 1997 with the help of Jefferson Angell (Walking Papers, Staticland, The Missionary Position, Post Stardom Depression, Broadcast Amphetamine, Prayer Factory and Sedated Souls) and Scott Mills at his studio, Cottonwood.

We’ve come a long way since the summer of ’97 and we’re celebrating our place in the Tacoma music community by sharing the night with our friends PIG SNOUT and some very special guests during our set.

Now that CHINA DAVIS has been a band for two decades, it has given me the chance to reflect and maybe even try to figure out what my brother Ted and I might represent. We’re kinda the Mick and Keith of no name, no label, unknown, bad looking, no style pub band’s of the northwest. We’ve been called by press asking us if they could talk to CHINA, “Oh, I thought she was a girl”… It’s been assumed that we were a cover band, nope, all original. We’ve played in almost every bar in Tacoma and Seattle and we can still walk down the street! What a career!

But, in this invisibility that is CHINA DAVIS we have found freedom that many bands have never enjoyed. We don’t have the backing to release album after album. But, we have an undying love for making serious music and writing the best songs we can write. We have a lot of fun being ourselves, as it should be. I feel like we’re what bands should be. Not worrying about popularity, sales, whether we’re punk, rock, classic rock, indie rock, folk music… who cares about that empty stuff anyways? We keep growing, we keep changing, we keep developing new sounds and ideas. We’re all those things!


PIG SNOUT is: Lucien and Dahlia are brother and sister and both switch between drums and keys. Justin/dad plays guitar.

This is a project started by Justin/dad in March of 2014 to help the kids know all the sides of music and playing in a band. From learning an instrument, to writing songs, to recording, setting up shows, dong the artwork, naming the band and songs and everything else that goes into being in a band, they get to make the decisions as it is primarily theirs. Dad will more than likely get kicked out one day as these kids are going to far surpass him musically at the rate they are going..