THE RUSTY CLEAVERS “It seems only natural to combine the worlds of bluegrass and punk, and The Rusty Cleavers do so magnificently, with all manner of mandolin, banjo and backyard clatter coming together in a cacophony of spirited group-singing and hoops and hollers. ”
Weekly Volcano, Tacoma, WA

LEFT COAST COUNTRY is a modern string band formed in 2010 from the exploding newgrass scene in Portland, OR. Dedication to their craft has made LEFT COAST COUNTRY one of the hardest working, up-and-coming acts in the Northwest.  The statement “for LCC pickin’ is not a hobby, not a job, but a way of life,” (B. Salmon – Bend Bulletin) could not be any more accurate.

TOMMY ALEXANDER After a year of solo touring, which included a 65-show national tour and multiple west coast runs, ALEXANDER’S music found its way to legendary songsmith Michael Mcdonald. Mcdonald invited him to open a couple shows that year. “What a trip that was. And my parents were very excited,” Tommy reminisced. Tommy decided it was time to make a record. After 3 full lengths, two EPs under other band names and countless of recordings for other people, ALEXANDER made a record for himself, calling it Old News. ALEXANDER recalls hoping the record would be a step towards forming a band. “The idea was that the album would manifest a band. I figured if I could get a more full, rounded out sound it would be easier to put a group together.” ​The sound has been described as unique and hard to pinpoint. Praised as infectious, the music is palatable, powerful, and honest.