Branson Cognac – Latest Prices and Guide

About Branson

Branson Cognac is produced by famed French Cognac producer Raymond Ragnaud and owned by Curtis Jackson, also known as 50 Cent. This collaboration has led to a product that is focused on high quality rooted in the tradition of Cognac. 

Raymond Ragnaud is based in Grande Champagne, a French district known for Cognac. The family is now in its 5th generation of Cognac production, which dates back as early as 1860. The label was launched by 50 Cent in 2018 and has since released several iterations of Cognac under the same brand. 

The spirit is developed using only one grape varietal called Ugni Blanc, and is aged in French Oak barrels. Aged for a minimum of five years, Branson is classified as a 100% Grand Champagne Cognac, which is a highly regarded title that shows it has purely been developed in that particular region of France.

Branson touts a reputation of being smooth and ideal for drinking neat or mixed. 

Branson Cognac Prices

Items Type Aged Alcohol (ABV) Sizes Price
Branson VS Phantom Cognac 2-3 years 40% (80 Proof) 750ml $49.99
Branson VSOP Royal Cognac 4+ years 40% (80 Proof) 750ml $68.99
Branson VSOP Grande Champagne Grand Champagne Cognac 4-7 years 40% (80 Proof) 750ml $80.99
Branson XO Grande Champagne Grand Champagne Cognac 10+ years 40% (80 Proof) 750ml $259.99

Buying Guide

Branson VS Phantom

Golden brown in color, this is the most classic representation of a Cognac from Branson. Branson VS Phantom is aged a minimum of two years in French oak sourced from Alliers, Limousine, and Troncais. Tasting notes include oak, apple, and citrus. This Cognac, like all of Branson’s offerings, goes through a pot still distillation process.

Branson VSOP Royal

This variety is a blend of Eaux-de-Vie sourced from the region of Cognac, primarily Petit Champagne and Borderies Appellations. Branson VSOP Royal is aged a minimum of fiveyears in French oak. Tasting notes include vanilla, dried fruit, and spice.

Branson VSOP Grande Champagne

From hand-harvested grapes in Grande Champagne, this variety is aged a minimum of four years and up to seven years. Once again coming from Eaux-de-Vie, Branson VSOP Grande Champagne is barreled in Sessile oak. The Pot Still used in this process dates back to the 1800s. Tasting notes of this golden Cognac are cloves, cinnamon, and peach. 

Branson XO Grande Champagne

Like the Branson VSOP Grande Champagne, this variety is made up of Eaux-de-Vie from the region of Grande Champagne. Branson XO Grande Champagne is aged for a minimum of ten years, with some of the grapes extending to over 25 years old. Sessile oak is used to age this Cognac. Tasting notes include orange zest, honey, and tobacco. 

The Best Way(s) to Drink Branson Cognac

Traditionally, Cognac is consumed neat, meaning without anything other than the liquor itself. Some choose to add a drop of water to fully bring out the aromas and tasting notes of the drink. For those who value tradition, this is a perfect way to enjoy Branson Cognac. 

Furthermore, another popular way to drink Cognac is with two ice cubes. This slightly dilutes the beverage and extends the life of the drink. 

However, Branson Cognac is also made to be a perfect addition to a cocktail for those who prefer it. A simple approach to a Cognac cocktail is to add tonic or ginger ale. These mixers also help to bring forward fruitier notes in the Cognac. 

Popular cocktails that feature Cognac include the Sidecar, Stinger, French Connection, Old Fashioned, and a Cognac Margarita. 

5 Best Things to Mix With Branson Cognac

Mixing another beverage with Branson Cognac can lead to some tasty results. There are a lot of mixers that pair perfectly with Cognac.

  • Water: A classic addition to any dark liquor that slightly dilutes without altering the flavor.
  • Tonic water: A sparkling mixer that has a range of varieties that can bring out the tasting notes of the Cognac.
  • Cola:This pairing goes classic with most dark liquors and adds a bit of sweetness to the mix.
  • Iced Tea: Similarly to cola, this mixer can be sweet and fresh without carbonation.
  • Ginger ale: Spicy and sweet, this is a perfect pairing to go with the smoky, citrusy flavors of Cognac.

VSOP Cognac Alternatives to Branson

  • Camus: Camus Intensely Aromatic VSOP is soft and fruity with light oak. It is priced at $39.99.
  • Courvoisier: The Courvoisier VSOP Cognac blends many crus from Fins Bois, Grande, and Petite Champagnes. Tasting notes include toasted almond. It is priced at $39.99.
  • Remy Martin: The Remy Martin VSOP stands out as being twice the age of a standard VS and has a balance of flavor that comes through nutty and oaky. It is priced at $44.99. 
  • Hennessy: The Hennessy VSOP Cognac is made up of a blend of Eaux-de-Vie and barrel-aged with a honey and spice finish. It is priced at $62.99.
  • Martell: Martell Cognac VSOP Red Barrel uses Eaux-de-Vie from four distinct terroirs of Cognac. Notes of licorice and plum with fresh oak wood come through in this bottle. It is priced at $66.97.

XO Cognac Alternatives to Branson

  • Camus: Camus Elegance XO uses Eaux-de-Vie from many high-quality vineyards, including Camus Borderies. Tasting notes consist of licorice and dried fruit. It is priced at $149.99. 
  • Courvoisier: The Courvoisier XO Cognac uses Eaux-de-Vie that have been aged as little as 11 or as much as 25 years. The finished result is a velvety and complex Cognac. It is priced at $159.99.
  • Remy Martin: Remy Martin XO uses a blend of 400 Eaux-de-Vie hailing from Petite and Grande Champagne. This Cognac is balanced with rich, fruity flavors. It is priced at $189.99.
  • Hennessy: Hennessy Cognac XO earned 92 points from Wine Enthusiast and uses a blend of 100 Eaux-de-Vie aged for up to 30 years. Tasting notes include fig, toffee, and baking spices. It is priced at $219.99.
  • Martell: The Martell XO has a complex sensory experience with melony aromatics that turn sweet on the finish. It is priced at $209.99. 

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