Gluten-Free Wheatley Vodka Review: A Friendly Guide

As a vodka enthusiast, I recently stumbled upon Wheatley Vodka, which is a gluten-free option crafted by Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley. I was thrilled to find a high-quality and delicious vodka that caters to those with gluten sensitivities or those who simply prefer a gluten-free option. I felt inspired to share my thoughts about this vodka in a review with my fellow vodka lovers.

Gluten-Free Wheatley Vodka
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Gluten-Free Wheatley Vodka Overview

Product History

As a celiac individual or someone with gluten sensitivity, I know that finding a gluten-free alcoholic beverage can be challenging. Wheatley Vodka, created by Buffalo Trace Distillery’s Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley, is a blessing. Made in small batches using a one-of-a-kind microstill and a unique recipe consisting of wheat and other grains, Wheatley Vodka is designed to be gluten-free. The distillation process removes gluten proteins, ensuring a safe and enjoyable drink for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities.

Price Range

In my experience, Wheatley Vodka offers a premium product at a reasonable price. Prices may vary depending on the retailer and location. The vodka is crafted from non-GMO wheat sourced from the Pacific Northwest, contributing to its clean and lively profile. It is priced between $19-$30.

Tasting Notes


In my experience with Wheatley gluten-free vodka, the aroma is pleasantly subtle and inviting. When I took the first sniff, I noticed mild notes of fresh lemon peel mingling with hints of earthy grain. It truly evokes a clean and crisp sensation that prepares the senses for what’s to come.


Upon sipping Wheatley vodka, I was delighted by its smooth and well-rounded flavor. The palate was graced with delicate undertones of lemon zest and a gentle wheat-based characteristic. Even though it is crafted with wheat, Harlen Wheatley masterfully produces it in small batches using a micro-still and ensures that it is triple filtered to eliminate any proteins, making it safe for those with gluten sensitivity.


The finish of Wheatley vodka is what truly sets it apart from its competitors like Cold River, Deep Eddy, Grey Goose, Luksusowa, Iceberg, Smirnoff, Tito’s, and Devotion. It leaves a lasting warmth on the palate, but it is far from overwhelming. The taste of lemon and hint of grain lingers and fades gently, providing a truly refreshing experience.


As someone who appreciates a great gluten-free vodka, I would confidently give Wheatley vodka a high rating for its crisp, refreshing taste and smooth finish. Its quality is comparable to well-known brands such as Grey Goose or Tito’s and stands proudly next to other gluten-free options like Smirnoff and Devotion. Harlen Wheatley’s expert craftsmanship truly shines through in this vodka.

Mixing and Pairing

As someone who enjoys exploring gluten-free vodka options, I’ve found that Wheatley Vodka is a satisfying choice. In this section, I’ll discuss the best mixers, cocktail suggestions, and food pairings to help you create an enjoyable drinking experience.

Best Mixers

Best Mixers
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When it comes to mixing Wheatley Vodka, you have a variety of options that can enhance the flavor and provide a smooth drinking experience. Some of my favorite mixers include:

  • Club soda: A classic mixer that gives your drink a bubbly texture and lets the vodka’s flavors shine through.
  • Cranberry juice: For a slightly sweet and tart addition, cranberry juice pairs well with Wheatley Vodka.
  • Ginger beer: Spice up your drink with ginger beer to add a zesty kick that complements the vodka’s taste.
  • Tonic water: Want a refreshing combination? Try tonic water to bring out the best in your Wheatley Vodka.

Cocktail Suggestions

Cocktail Suggestions
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When it comes to creating cocktails with Wheatley Vodka, the possibilities are quite vast. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Wheatley Vodka Martini: Combine Wheatley Vodka, dry vermouth, and a dash of bitters. Garnish with a lemon twist or olives.
  2. Wheatley Vodka Mule: Mix Wheatley Vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, and a splash of simple syrup. Garnish with a lime wedge and a sprig of mint.
  3. Wheatley Vodka Collins: Blend Wheatley Vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, and club soda. Garnish with a cherry and an orange slice.

Food Pairings

When you’re enjoying Wheatley Vodka, it’s important to consider the right food pairings to complement your drink. I’ve found that the following dishes create a harmonious balance with this gluten-free vodka:

  1. Smoked Salmon: The rich and savory flavors of smoked salmon perfectly pair with the smooth and crisp taste of Wheatley Vodka.
  2. Grilled Vegetables: Grilled vegetables’ smoky and earthy flavors complement the vodka’s profile, creating a delicious combination.
  3. Cheese Platter: A well-curated cheese platter featuring a variety of flavors and textures can accentuate your Wheatley Vodka experience.


I’ve had the opportunity to explore Wheatley Vodka, a gluten-free vodka crafted with quality and taste in mind. From my research, it’s apparent that this vodka has earned its rightful place in the market.

The smoothness of Wheatley Vodka is worth noting, with a soft heat that eases into a slightly sweet finish, accented by hints of lemon zest. This vodka demonstrates that the expertise of its creator extends to both clear and brown spirits, a testament to the dedication and skill behind the product.

When it comes to gluten-free vodkas, individuals with allergies or sensitivities can enjoy Wheatley Vodka without worry. It offers a versatile and delicious option for those seeking a quality spirit that accommodates their dietary needs.

As I wrap up my thoughts on Wheatley Vodka, I must say that this has been an enjoyable journey into the world of gluten-free spirits. It’s not just about catering to a specific dietary requirement but also offering a great-tasting drink that everyone can appreciate. So, cheers to Wheatley Vodka, and may it continue to delight palates everywhere!

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