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About Christian Brothers

Christian Brothers Brandy was founded in California during the early twentieth century by the largest religious community of men devoted entirely to education worldwide. Unlike priests, these laymen dedicated themselves to living and working in a teaching congregation. Founding several schools within the United States, The Christian Brothers worked their way into the Brandy business and into the history books.

Founded in Martinez, California, in 1882, the brothers found a vineyard of California grapes which they then used to create their sacramental wine. During the turn of the century, word spread of their excellent quality, and so the Brothers expanded their production to include table wine. Using these profits, they continued endowing schools and were one of the first vintners to identify the prime location of California’s Napa Valley. 

Fatefully, in 1940, Brother Timothy began working to utilize the grapes to create a new product – the Christian Brothers Brandy. The Christian Brothers tradition lives on, working hard for over 75 years to maintain the proud tradition of using the production method of a copper pot still, essential for fine Cognacs. 

Christian Brothers Brandy Prices

The Christian Brothers classic brandy, Christian Brothers Very Smooth, is made from some of the most precious grape varieties possible. It incorporates the traditional method of using a still of a copper pot. This smoothness, in the end, makes a rich flavor and a strong yet colorful and flavorful taste only made more impressive by a slow aging process that experts later hand-select from bourbon barrels for a minimum of two years. 

Two years is the minimum number of years for aging good Brandy, and Christian Brothers take this process very seriously. 

Item Type Aged Alcohol (ABV) Sizes Price
Christian Brothers VS Brandy 2 years 40% (80 proof) 200ml $3.99
375ml $6.99
750ml $11.99
1L $17.99
1.75L $19.99
CB Honey Brandy 2 years 35% (70 proof) 375ml $6.99
750ml $11.99
CB Apple Brandy 2 years 35% (70 proof) 375ml $4.99
750ml $7.19
1L $12.99
CB Peach Brandy 2 years 35% (70 proof) 375ml $7.69
750ml $12.49

Classic Brandy, aged with time-honored tradition and an appreciation for the art, is rare to come by, and Christian Brothers deliver where it counts. 

The Christian Brothers Flavored Brandy is a new experience that offers the ultimate enjoyment of smooth sweet flavors. Infusing natural flavors like real honey, apples, and peaches sets the brand apart. The premium grape varietals aged in hand-chosen oak barrels also heightens the drinking experience.

You can enjoy the best of rich flavor and smooth Brandy that in so many ways. The Christian Brothers brand is known for its responsible distilling and sourcing methods. This allows for a great Brandy and an even greater piece of mind when enjoying your favorite drink or cocktail.

Christian Brothers Buying Guide

So, what is the main difference between the classic Christian Brothers VS or Very Smooth and their signature flavored Brandy? There are a few differences that are obvious and some that are not.

Christian Brothers VS

During aging, the oak barrels deepen the flavor of the Brandy with balanced fruit and a warm oak finish to give it that smooth, subtle texture. Perfect for straight, on the rocks, or in a beautiful mix of cocktails. It is also aged for a minimum of two years for a fuller warm and lingering finish.

Christian Brothers Honey

Made in the same way as Christian Brothers VS, this flavored Brandy is infused with honey from the beginning. It is distilled and then blended with a mixture of natural flavors and aromatics to give it that sweet and savory kick.  

Christian Brothers Apple

Like the Christian Brothers Honey, apple peels, juice, and the fruit itself are used to flavor. It is infused from the beginning and then blended to create that tart and sweet taste that everyone loves from their apple and even their favorite fall-themed drinks. 

Christian Brothers Peach

Christian Brothers Peach flavor is slightly different from apple and honey as the peach is a very fibrous fruit. Like orange juice, it is sifted and squeezed into a delicious peach essence that is blended to create the smooth and sweet flavor of southern peaches. The sweetest of options, the Christian Brothers Peach is perfect for sipping on the rocks or in your favorite mix. 

The Best Way(s) to Drink Christian Brothers

There are right and wrong ways to drink Christian Brothers Brandy, and here we’ll break down some of the most popular and delicious drink options.

  • CB & Coke
  • CB Brandy Alexander
  • CB Appletini
  • CB Coffee Royal

Best Mixers for Christian Brothers Brandy

  • Coke: A popular mixer for many drinks, Christian Brothers brandy mixed with coke appeals to many young adults who may be looking for sweeter flavors.
  • Tonic Water: Tonic water is another popular mixer for brandy.

VSOP Alternatives

Ranked in order of cheapest to the most expensive, these are some VSOP, or Very Superior Old Pale, alternatives.

  • E&J
  • Remy Martin: The Remy Martin VSOP stands out as being twice the age of a standard VS and has a balance of flavor that comes through nutty and oaky. It is priced at $44.99. 
  • Branson: $69.99-79.99 

XO Alternatives

These XO, or Extra Old, alternatives are also ranked from the cheapest to most expensive.

  • Camus: Camus Elegance XO uses Eaux-de-Vie from many high-quality vineyards, including Camus Borderies. Tasting notes consist of licorice and dried fruit. It is priced at $149.99. 
  • Courvoisier: The Courvoisier XO Cognac uses Eaux-de-Vie that have been aged as little as 11 or as much as 25 years. The finished result is a velvety and complex Cognac. It is priced at $159.99.
  • Martell: The Martell XO has a complex sensory experience with melony aromatics that turn sweet on the finish. It is priced at $209.99. 
  • Remy Martin: Remy Martin XO uses a blend of 400 Eaux-de-Vie hailing from Petite and Grande Champagne. This Cognac is balanced with rich, fruity flavors. It is priced at $189.99.

Though these brands are known the world over, none of them compare to the flavor and tradition of Christian Brothers Brandy.


Christian Brothers Brandy is a staple of American Brandy and has a distilled and care tradition for almost 100 years. The quality is above and beyond most Brandys created outside of the country of France. With an excellent reputation and award-winning flavor, Christian Brothers is the best choice for Brandy.

Whether you are mixing it with your favorite soda, fruit juice, coffee, or other liquors, Christian Brothers Brandy is a winning choice. The oaky vanilla undertones and the clean tart flavor of the Napa Valley grapes give this traditional Brandy its reputation and uniqueness unlike any other. 

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