Crown Royal XR Red: Discover the Exclusive Taste of Luxury Whisky

Crown Royal XR Red is a rare and exceptional whisky that deserves recognition for its unique origins and unparalleled taste. As a whisky enthusiast, I’ve come across many different varieties, but the Crown Royal XR Red stands out for its fascinating history and remarkable flavor profile.

Crown Royal Red
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This extraordinary whisky was first released in 2006, and it was crafted using the last batch of whiskies from the legendary Waterloo distillery. The Waterloo distillery met an unfortunate fate, being destroyed by fire in 1993, which has rendered this edition truly irreplaceable. The XR Red offers a blend of 50 different whiskies from across Canada, each aged for a minimum of 40 years. The result is a well-balanced, complex, and undeniably satisfying whisky that deserves a spotlight in any enthusiast’s collection.

Crown Royal XR Red Overview

Product History

I learned that Crown Royal XR Red is a special edition whisky released in 2006, made using the last batch of rare whiskies distilled at Seagram’s Waterloo Distillery. However, a fire destroyed much of the distilling complex in 1993. This unfortunate event made the XR Red a unique and unrepeatable bottling with a legendary pedigree.

Before the XR Red, the Crown Royal Extra Rare Whisky Series premiered in 2006, featuring whiskies from the historic Waterloo Distillery, which no longer exists due to the fire. As for the Crown Royal brand itself, Samuel Bronfman introduced it during the 1939 royal tour of Canada as a gift to the King and Queen of England.

Price Range

When it comes to pricing, you might find Crown Royal XR Red, also known as the “Red Waterloo Edition,” valued at around $1,894 for a 750ml bottle. Keep in mind that this whisky is undeniably rare and, as a result, might be more challenging to obtain.

So, there you have it! Crown Royal XR Red is a special Canadian whisky with a rich history and a unique blend of aged whiskies from the iconic Waterloo Distillery. The rarity and demand for this extra-rare whisky contribute to its higher price tag.

Tasting Notes


Upon nosing the Crown Royal XR Red, I’m immediately greeted with a delightful mix of dried fruits and honey. The Canadian rye is unmistakable, giving way to delicate spicy notes and the subtle sweetness of raisins.


Taking a sip, the taste buds are treated to a wonderfully blended Canadian whisky experience. I can easily detect rich caramel flavors, partnering harmoniously with the palate. The cocoa and brown sugar elements also create an enticing dance on the tongue.


As I delve deeper into the tasting, a peppery sensation begins to emerge from the maturation process, adding depth to the overall experience. The finish departs gracefully, leaving a lasting memory of the exquisite flavors I’ve just experienced.


In my opinion, the Crown Royal XR Red presents a captivating tasting journey that is both enjoyable and friendly. The intricate combination of aromas, flavors, and finishes make this an outstanding whisky.

Mixing and Pairing

Best Mixers

When it comes to mixing Crown Royal XR Red, I’ve found that it pairs well with a variety of mixers. Some of my favorites include:

  • Ginger ale: The spiciness of ginger ale complements the smoothness of the Crown Royal XR Red.
  • Club soda: A simple mixer that allows the distinct flavors of the whisky to shine.
  • Cola: The sweetness of cola helps to bring out the more subtle notes of the whisky.
  • Lemonade: For a more refreshing and citrusy option, lemonade works well with the XR Red.

Cocktail Suggestions

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I’ve also experimented with a few cocktail recipes using Crown Royal XR Red that I think are worth trying:

  1. Crown Royal XR Red Highball: Combine 1.5 oz Crown Royal XR Red, 3 oz ginger ale, and a squeeze of lime. Pour over ice and garnish with a lime wedge.
  2. XR Red Sour: Shake 1.5 oz Crown Royal XR Red, 3/4 oz lemon juice, 1/2 oz simple syrup, and one egg white with ice. Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with a cherry.
  3. Crown Royal XR Red Manhattan: Stir 2 oz Crown Royal XR Red, 1/2 oz sweet vermouth, and a dash of Angostura bitters with ice. Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with a maraschino cherry.

Food Pairings

Blueberry pie
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Since the Crown Royal XR Red is produced in Gimli, Manitoba, and Amherstburg, Ontario, I find it fitting to pair it with some Canadian-inspired dishes:

  • Maple-glazed salmon: The sweet and smoky maple glaze complements the smooth and slightly fruity notes of the XR Red.
  • Poutine: The rich gravy and cheese curds in poutine are balanced by the complex flavors of the whisky.
  • Blueberry pie: A classic Canadian dessert, blueberry pie pairs well with the fruity notes in Crown Royal XR Red, making for a delicious after-dinner treat.


In my experience with Crown Royal XR Red, I’ve found it to be an exceptional blended whisky that offers a unique and exquisite experience. As an 80 proof (40% ABV) whisky from the Gimli, Manitoba distillery owned by Diageo, its expert craftsmanship is evident through every aspect. Master Blender Andrew MacKay’s skillful blending has created a rare whisky with a warm, full-bodied flavor profile.

Priced as a premium offering, the retail price for a 750 ml bottle reflects its rarity and quality. Though it may be on the higher end for some, those who are fortunate enough to come across it should consider taking the opportunity to experience this rare gem. At the moment, the XR Red is no longer in production due to the fire that destroyed the distillery it was produced in.

From its origin story to the carefully-selected whiskies blended for its creation, the Crown Royal XR Red is truly a testament to North American whisky making. Samuel Bronfman’s Montreal-based company laid the foundations for this spirits giant, and now Crown Royal continues to make waves in the market. With every velvet bag and beautifully-designed packaging, the attention to detail is apparent.

There is no age statement, but the whiskies used in the blend have been carefully aged and selected to create the smooth and luxurious taste that Crown Royal XR Red is known for. Comparing this with whiskies from Scotland, it stands as a testament to the innovation and skill of whisky makers in North America.

As a fan of whiskey, I can appreciate the dedication to creating such a fantastic product. Crown Royal XR Red continues to make its mark on the whisky market, and I am eager to see what they will come up with next.

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