Grey Goose Vodka – Latest Prices and Buying Guide

About Grey Goose

Vodka’s roots in the spirits industry are of resilience, grit, and determination. Historically produced of whatever grains are readily and affordably available for cheap production, vodka’s reputation hasn’t always been directed toward top shelf drinkers. This began to change, however, in the 20th century when companies like Grey Goose sought out the upper echelon of drinkers and mixologists. Keep reading to find out more about how Grey Goose was crafted for the top shelf and the best ways to drink it.

Grey Gose was founded in the late 1990’s by Sidney Frank, founder and owner of Sidney Frank Importing. Frank set out to create a luxury vodka that won awards for its flavor and marketed directly to American top-shelf buyers.

France presented itself as the perfect location for such a vodka. France has a distinctive reputation for high quality spirits, and it is set apart from the Eastern European beginnings of affordable vodka. And once Frank identified the perfect location for such a brand, he scouted master distiller Francois Thibault, a renown brandy maker, to develop the recipe and oversee its production.

Grey Goose, within two years of beginning production, won for quality and flavor and immediately infiltrated home and establishment bars as a core vodka for recipes and sipping. By the early 2000’s, Grey Goose was frequently mentioned in pop culture and became a household name.

How Grey Goose is Made

Grey Goose draws on the brandy experience of master distiller Thilbault. To capture a soft, smooth flavor and texture, Grey Goose is distilled from winter wheat. It’s distilled northeast of Paris and sent to Cognac, France for blending and bottling.

While winter wheat isn’t an altogether unique ingredient in vodka mash, the way it’s turned into Grey Goose’s vodka certainly is. For Grey Goose, the winter wheat is fermented with yeasts to first produce a beer. This beer is distilled into vodka using a 5-step distillation, and is then blended with natural limestone spring water. Once blended it is filtered to perfection, and the Grey Goose vodka is bottled and sent around the world for distribution.

Where to Buy Grey Goose

Grey Goose has quickly become one of the best selling vodkas in the world. You can find it everywhere liquor is sold, including your local liquor store and grocer. Places like Kroger, Costco, and ABC stores keep Grey Goose in regular stock.

Grey Goose About

Item Alcohol (ABV) Size Price
Winter Wheat Vodka
New Amsterdam Vodka 40% (80 proof) 50ml $2.20
375ml $13.00
750ml $26.00
1L $39.00
1.75L $51.00
Grey Goose Essences
Grey Goose Strawberry and Lemongrass 30% (60 proof) 50ml $2.20
375ml $14.00
750ml $28.00
1L $41.00
1.75L $53.00
Grey Goose Watermelon and Basil 30% (60 proof) 50ml $2.20
375ml $14.00
750ml $28.00
1L $41.00
1.75L $53.00
Grey Goose White Peach and Rosemaryl 30% (60 proof) 50ml $2.20
375ml $14.00
750ml $28.00
1L $41.00
1.75L $53.00
Flavored Vodkas
Grey Goose La Poire 40% (80 proof) 50ml $2.20
375ml $13.00
750ml $26.00
1L $39.00
1.75L $51.00
Grey Goose L’Orange 40% (80 proof) 50ml $2.20
375ml $13.00
750ml $26.00
1L $39.00
1.75L $51.00
Grey Goose Le Citron 40% (80 proof) 50ml $2.20
375ml $13.00
750ml $26.00
1L $39.00
1.75L $51.00

Grey Goose Vodka Buying Guide

Grey Goose is a top shelf vodka, but compared to spirits like gin and whiskey, top shelf vodka is relatively affordable. The affordability of Grey Goose, despite its top shelf price tag, is one reason it’s so popular. But there are several ranges in Grey Goose’s lineup, so let’s review a buying guide to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Winter Wheat Grey Goose Original Vodka

Available in every bottle size, Grey Goose’s original winter wheat recipe is its shining star. This one’s for you if you’re looking for an unflavored vodka with a remarkably smooth mouthfeel and flavor.

Grey Goose Essences

Grey Goose’s vodka essences uses its original vodka recipe as the base for these essences, adding natural flavor infusions for refreshing twists on traditional flavored vodka. They come in unique flavor combinations like watermelon basil and strawberry lemongrass for easy mixing that tastes complex.

Grey Goose Flavored Vodka

In addition to original vodka and vodka essences, Grey Goose has a popular flavored vodka lineup. While the essences have a lower alcohol content than the original formulation, Grey Goose’s flavored vodkas maintain the 40% ABV of the original recipe and harness natural flavors.

The Best Way(s) to Drink Grey Goose

Grey Goose mixes effortlessly thanks to its soft flavor. Here are some of the best complex and single mixer cocktails with Grey Goose.

1) Grey Goose Passion Drop

  • 1.5 oz Grey Goose Vodka
  • .75 oz Passion fruit puree
  • .25 oz ginger syrup
  • .25 oz lemon juice
  • Lemon twist for garnish

Shake ingredients hard with ice and strain into a chilled coup. Garnish with lemon twist.

2) Grey Goose Lemon Drop Martini

  • 2 oz Grey Goose Le Citron
  • .75 oz triple sec
  • .75 oz lemon juice
  • Sugar for rim
  • Lemon twist for garnish

Shake all ingredients hard with ice and strain into a chilled coup with a sugar rim. Garnish with a lemon twist.

3) Grey Goose Basil Watermelon Cooler

  • 1.5 oz Grey Goose
  • 4 basil leaves
  • 1 peeled ginger slice
  • 2 large chunks of watermelon
  • .5 oz lime juice
  • .5 oz simple syrup
  • Ginger ale

In a shaker, muddle basil, ginger, and one chunk of watermelon with simple syrup. Add ice and pour Grey Goose and lemon juice. Shake well and strain into rocks glass over fresh ice. Top with ginger ale and garnish with watermelon chunk and a basil stem.

4) Grey Goose Berry Lemonade Pitcher

  • 16 oz Grey Goose Le Citron
  • 32 oz fresh lemonade
  • 12 raspberries
  • 8 tbsp sugar

Muddle raspberries and sugar in a pitcher. Add liquids and stir well. Fill with ice and serve in highball glasses over ice with lemon and raspberry garnishes.

5 Best Things to Mix with Grey Goose

  • Soda water: Thanks to its soft flavor, Grey Goose mixes with soda water to become almost undetectable. If you want something refreshing and easy to sip, consider this combination.
  • Sour: Sour mix combines with Grey Goose for a drink with a real punch. Just a splash over a Goose on the rocks becomes a complex cocktail with minimal effort.
  • Orange juice: Mixing vodka and orange juice is a breakfast classic, but mix it with Grey Goose for an elevated twist on a popular cocktail.
  • Lemonade: Similar to a Grey Goose and sour, a Grey Goose and lemonade is a refreshing citrus treat. But pour Goose and lemonade over rocks in a highball for a light, refreshing take on the other classic.
  • Tonic: Tonic is similar to soda water, but it has mineral rich flavors for a savory take on a vodka soda. The soft flavors of winter wheat mix incredibly well with the flavors of tonic.


Is Grey Goose available at Costco?

Grey Goose is found in most Costcos where liquor stores are legal for supermarkets.

What is Grey Goose made from?

Grey Goose is distilled from winter wheat and blended with natural limestone spring water.

What makes Grey Goose more expensive than most other vodka?

Grey Goose is produced from expensive ingredients, and it undergoes a 5 step distillation after fermenting into a high proof winter wheat beer. These factors combine to make a price point that’s more luxurious than most other vodkas.

Does Grey Goose still produce VX?

Grey Goose’s take on grape brandy, VX, is no longer in production and is no longer stocked on store shelves. However, fans may be able to find VX on resale sites and in auctions.

Does Grey Goose make Costco’s branded Kirkland vodka?

While a commonly spread rumor, Grey Goose is unaffiliated with Costco’s brand of vodka, Kirkland. Grey Goose whole heartedly refuted this rumor, claiming it has distinctive qualities that set it apart from Kirkland’s vodka.

Alternatives to Grey Goose

  • Smirnoff Vodka: $13- Smirnoff stands in stark contrast to the likes of Grey Goose, so try this is you want a more rugged flavor than Grey Goose’s soft palate.
  • Kirkland Vodka: $15Kirkland’s vodka is said to taste eerily similar to Grey Goose. It’s even produced nearby in France. This is a good dupe for Grey Goose, but Grey Goose assures the public they are produced using different methods and are in no way affiliated with one another.
  • Tito’s Vodka: $25This American made vodka is produced from corn, but has flavor to rival that of Grey Goose thanks to its rigorous distillation process.
  • Belvedere Vodka: $26Belvedere markets to the same population as does Goose, but their vodka is made of different ingredients and with different methods. Belvedere is a Polish rye vodka, famous for its historically accurate approach to distilling vodka.

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